Trädgården was originally on Kungsholmen and I had some of my best early gigs there. Even then there was this ambition and momentum that separated the club from other spots in the Stockholm night, but the venue itself, a run-down lunch restaurant, proved how marginalised club culture was in this city.

The move to Söder in 2009 marked the dawn of a new era not just for the club but for all of Stockholm. Today, Trädgården is crucial to the city both as cultural centre and pleasure palace. Memories from the asphalt lot underneath the Skanstull bridge float around in a beer-smelling haze, beaming with bright colours. I have fallen in love there, been caught by the police there, have promoted the best Studio Barnhus parties there, had a glass bottle thrown to my head once when I played ABBA in the midst of a techno set.

Trädgården is an integrated part of not just my life but all of Stockholm's. It’s funny that a club can get name checked in a Veronica Maggio song while also hosting Northern Electronics label nights. It speaks some truth about our city’s cultural life, in reality way to eager for its small spaces, with unexpected meetings and blossoming creativity as a result.

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